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Laura Cardwell
Health & Wellness > Integrative Health
Recorded: Apr 11, 2020 at 08:30 pm EST
1+1 is not 2, it is 11. Meaning, when 2 people come together and focus on a single intention, the healing effect is amplified. And when people come together and focus on the healing of each other, there is a rebound effect that helps to heal themselves. Join us as we explore the science and mysticism behind healing and then open into a group healing event set to live music where we will journey through an interactive healing including the 5 Elements, Chakras, Neuroemotional pathways and whatever else arises! Now is the time to embrace our quantum ability to help each other, hold each other and heal each other, as we release our unconscious dis-ease for ourselves and for the collective! We can magnify the healing power for ourselves by working FOR THE COLLECTIVE