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Jamie Butler is a natural born Medium, Wholeness Expert, and Media-Personality working internationally for 30 years. Her life goal is to teach people of all ages about the infinite possibilities for healing, joy and success available to us when wholeness living is incorporated into our daily lives. She does this by sharing her deep knowledge of subtle light energy. Jamie has created short deep dive spiritual classes for her followers, nicknamed the Luminaires, to encourage truths through humor while letting go of learned behavior. As Jamie says, "It's not Woo Woo, It's True True" She is the author of With Love and Light: A True Story About an Uncommon Gift, founder of The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta, GA and co-founder of a nonprofit: The Love & Light Institute connecting the mind, body, emotion and soul to cultivate the potential from within. Jamie also hosts The Lighter Side Show and podcast.
Leigh teaches with a strong understanding and passion for multiple lineages with over 20 years of experience. She is known for her ability to teach all levels, drawing from a discipline of Ashtanga, the spirituality of Kundalini yoga and meditation, and the dynamic creativity of vinyasa flow. In each class you sense the nurturing, yet challenging approach she organically brings to the moment. Leigh creates and holds a safe space for you to be yourself and expand your consciousness. It is important to her that she shares the tools that help you live life at a higher vibration with less struggle and more flow.
"All traditions of healing are based on three essential tenets: envisioning yourself in good health, trusting your intuition, and receiving nourishment in body, mind and spirit. True medicine emphasizes awareness in daily habits and intentions. "Guided planning and integrative treatments involve well-researched and reliable therapies; including herbal remedies, comprehensive dietary recommendations, detoxification techniques, homeopathic aids, supplementation protocols, meditation, breathing exercises, and/or gentle movements and manipulations to awaken your inner wisdom while relieving illness, pain and discomfort. "My passion is to teach you to rely on your instinct and innate knowing; you know your body best! Our educational sessions help you to take responsibility for your vibrant well-being. Embrace change and be open to miraculous possibility. Transform your health, revive your world."
Dr. Brooke grew up in a Health and Wellness Industry. Her mother, was the creator and owner of award-winning lifestyle spas. The environment was rich with Eastern philosophy and whole body healing approaches to health. Dr. Brooke's Ailments were addressed with a gentle integrative approach, which educated her on the body's amazing capabilities of healing. Brooke found in passing that Eastern Medicine and/or an Integrative approach to medicine in our Western society was foreign to a lot of Americans. With her passion for connecting the mind, body and spirit to medicine, Brooke knew her calling was to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Before the age of 20, Brooke attended school for Massage Therapy, Esthetics and Cosmetology and received her undergraduate in Neuromuscular and Sports Therapy. She knew these practices to be very synergistic with, and supportive of, the art of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Brooke studied under the preeminent masters of Classical Chinese Medicine, attending both Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Florida College of Integrative Medicine. These unique and rigorous medical programs are highly respected, consisting of thousands of hours of Acupuncture, Herbology and Biomedical course work, as well as extensive clinical training. Brooke was in the first graduating class to be certified in Neuro-Acupuncture and Tension Point Therapy under the guided teachings of the university's president, Dr. Han. In 2012, by exceptional performance to contribute and render public and community health, contributing to Pastoral Hospital Foundations and to world good, The Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope honored her as a Medical Diplomat. Through her years of medicine she came to realized that it is not enough to work on the physical body but also the importance of the subconscious for permanent change. Dr. Brooke completed her Hypnosis training and Neurolinguistic programming ( NLP) at the prestigious Toronto University in Toronto, Canada with Mike Mandel who is considered the world's foremost expert in teaching Ericksonian Hypnosis. With the years of listening to the body and feeling the proprioceptive nuances Dr. Brooke developed synaesthesia. Where her sense of touch and sight crossed. So she would see what she felt and felt what she would see. Then it moved into feeling what was going on in a patient before they even came into the room. To the next level of knowing what was going on by simply thinking of someone. Dr. Brooke now utilizes this intuitive practice to medically identify areas in the body that keep it out of balance. Dr. Brooke practices the practical effectiveness of this ancient art of science and healing. She values every opportunity to help patients, and passionately shares this healing art to help people find relief from their ailments on the physical level and beyond. She has been teaching, training and speaking the art of relaxation, to award winning spas , since 1998. For over those 2 decades, It has been Dr. Brooke's obsession to understand what it means to be stressed, how it affects our health, and how to heal. Most importantly how to stop the self destructive patterns of anxiety. Dr. Brooke believes in the true meaning of Wellness, which is the loving acceptance of yourself. Making positive decisions, in regard to social, emotional, economic, environmental, physical and spiritual alternatives. It's not just the absence of disease.
With over 20 years of experience as a heart-centered leader, it is this awareness and a recognition of the profound impact that we have on each other in both our personal and professional lives, that has inspired Shannon to assist others to achieve balance and alignment of mind, body, and spirit. Using a combination of intuition, astrology and tarot offering her readings, coaching, and consulting sessions, Shannon empowers others to embrace their whole energetic selves to achieve their highest goals and live joyful and rewarding lives. Shannon is passionate about leading a supportive community of experienced and knowledgeable practitioners at the virtual Center for Love & Light, where all who seek growth, awareness-expanding education, and joy are welcomed and empowered. She holds space for those who are on their path of growth and development so that they in turn can share their gifts and light with others.
Hi there! I am a Certified, Professional Life Coach, Reiki Master and Pranic Healer and I have been acquiring the knowledge and experience over the years to be of service to others who are consciously or subconsciously seeking my help. I combine Healing and Coaching to help people thrive in their personal and professional life. I also heal, coach and mentor Empaths looking to discover and embrace their gift. I am also a virtual practitioner for the Center for Love and Light.
I am Atlanta-based Energy Healer / Reiki Master and Spiritual Activist and founder of Unscripted Way�. I specialize in energy alignment and energetic pattern release to help adults and children attain optimal health, joy, and vitality. My passion is helping people redefine reality through the exploration of their divine, energetic potential and abilities. I am a Reiki Master and hold a Master�s Degree in Conflict Analysis and Engagement. As an intuitive child, I knew my calling at an early age � to be a force in the movement towards love and light. I spent my childhood reading spiritual texts, meditating, and developing my energy skills. I continued developing these gifts through the decades in parallel to a successful consulting career in the corporate world. While expanding my understanding of consciousness while completing a Master�s Degree in Conflict, I acknowledged my yearning to return to my childhood gifts in energy work and transformation. To learn more about me, visit my website at
I became a Reiki master and began learning energy work in 1999 and have trained in several modalities over the years and worked with many clients on many areas of life and healing. I am also certified in Magnified Healing and with the American Board of Hypnotherapy as a hypnotherapist. I began studying herbalism in 2012 and have been making medicine and growing medicine ever since. is my website.
The journey to becoming a healer (and saying that I am a healer out loud...with words...that people could hear) has taken me years. I grew up in a fairly left-brained family, surrounded by steady, logical people. I didn't quite fit into that box but I wasn't completely outside of it either. I had a healthy skepticism and a curious mind. And I guess a healthy dose of "I'll do it myself"-ness. I wandered from career to career as an adult searching for what I wanted to be when I grew up. The problem was that I wanted to be many things...and none of those things. I just didn't quite fit in anywhere. But when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia we took her to an energy worker who focused in learning differences and ADD. I was in awe of what he was doing, and also pretty skeptical. But then things began to shift for her in what science would call "statistically significant" ways. And so I turned my eye to healing and have never looked back. I have had many moments over the past five years where I was just not ready to believe the things I was learning, and like a cat, headed towards a bath, I had my feet out and my refusal fluffed. And then it would happen, that magic moment where I watched someone heal using light, sound, stones, even what I call my "kindergarten felts" for color. To quote Rev. Darlene Strickland, "You cannot Poo Poo the Woo Woo when it happens to You You!" And so here I am, getting my doctorate in Natural Medicine a program designed to train the future Quantum Doctors of the world. And ready to share my special kind of crazy.
Depth. Authenticity. Connection. These yearnings have been a driving force throughout my life and created a framework for self-awareness. That sense of a deeper connection has been present in my life as long as I can remember, both in times of ease and in times of challenge. I first found flow and connection through sports and an intellectual curiosity, and those avenues of expression have become a part of my work today. Early in my work as a triathlon coach and as a physical therapist I was focused more on the physical and physiological aspects of wellness and performance. In only considering the physical, however, it quickly became apparent that something was missing. Why did one athlete perform well in competition while another who was equally or perhaps even more fit not perform as well? Why did two clients with a very similar injury have different healing times? Why did some clients have ongoing pain? This led me to explore the mind-body-spirit connection, energetic realms, and the power of our thoughts and perceptions in creating our reality. As a practitioner, I combine exercise, meditation, craniosacral therapy, and physical therapy techniques to help illuminate each client�s path to well-being and performance.
Corey is a licensed and practicing Massage Therapist since 2006 where she has provided direct care for thousands of clients over the years. Corey is eager to help people feel more comfortable in their own bodies and in the world we share. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge within the community both online and in-person. Corey is an anatomy nerd and enjoys helping clients solve puzzling pain patterns that help resolve physical, emotional, and psychological manifestations of our injury, trauma, and blockages. Corey comes from a background founded in service and connection. She co-founded The Love + Light Institute in 2015 where mind, body, emotion, and the soul integrate for optimal living and is the Co-Cultivator of The Center for Love & Light in Atlanta, GA. Corey is a certified trainer with Life University's Compassionate Integrity and Secular Ethics program, the National Coalition Building Institutes Social Justice model, and is continuing training within the nonviolent restorative justice model. Corey blends her knowledge of individual healing with a broader perspective rooted in community and reconciliation of our collective celebrations and wounds. Corey is a facilitator at heart so learners will find her offerings to be highly interactive and feel more like a facilitated journey than a lecture. To get to know Corey's perspective a little more check out her articles at .
Jeen Rooks comes from Savannah, GA soil, emulating the same deep love of home cooking, art, and history that Savannah is traditionally known for, she enjoys cooking and continues to study art and history through her love of West African drum and dance and the ancient study of Ayurvedic Medicine. She is a graduate of Auburn University where she received her bachelors degree in Kinesiology. She moved to the Atlanta area in 2009 and received her certification from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2010. She devotes her life to service from her two and half years in Americorps, to her 9 year massage practice, and her recent scholastic venture into Chiropractic studies at Life University. Where she will receive her doctorate of Chiropractic in 3 months. She recently started Rooks Nest: Integrative Therapies to begin creating a community deeply rooted in love and kindness. She uses her experience to provide a sacred space that promotes education and healing for all conditions and all populations. She wants to empower her community to care for their own bodies and take time to reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit. She believes that through these connections, we help our bodies clearly communicate within so that our minds and spirits are free to clearly communicate with others.
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